Portraits from the Serie Admissible Tension  

Admissible Tension

Admissible tension is used by engineers to define the maximum tolerance levels  of a structure such as  a bridge or a tower, based on a precise understanding of the inter-relationship of different materials such as steel and concrete and then how much reinforcement is required to ensure stability.
I see a version of this methodology in our everyday lives, in every aspect of what we do.

This group of works developed as I observed that which impacted on my life, the things that have always interested me and touched my feelings. Not just the limits and the boundaries of my own personal space but also that which is ours by right or by decree. This prompted me to develop various proposals, visualising this thesis.

Graciela Sacco, 2011


Graciela sacco
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Between white and black, from the serie Admisible Tension

Between white and black 2, from the serie Admisible Tension


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